Nowadays we consider knowledge as very important matter. But it is not enough for real success and development.

It will not help us if can’t use it, if we do not have practical skills.

That’s why in our essays and learning materials, trainings and projects we show the real examples and support our clients to apply knowledge to their lives taking into consideration their situations and needs.

We also try to touch their hearts and influence attitudes. Even we know vocabulary and grammar of foreign language and we have enough skills to build sentences and understand texts, it’s useless when we are not self-confident or we don’t need to communicate.

Małgosia Chojecka

Who Am I? I completed Mongolian Philology, worked as HR Consultant and Trainer, but my real interest and passion is connected with family – how their members all the time balance between cooperation and conflict, and how they evolve thanks to it.

So why I work for the Foundation All Poland Reads to Kids organizing and running trainings and online courses in the field of reading animation, emotional intelligence and teaching values. I also share my knowledge and experience and arrange development projects on WikiAkademia Learning Platform.