For Whom

We like to think, that earlier (20, 30, 50 years ago) the life was easier. Maybe. For sure it was less complicated. Taylor or doctor could continue his job until retirement. There was not so much information. News come bit by bit, and people had time to get used to them. Knowledge gained during studies was enough to get good work and salary.

Nowadays have to learn for the whole life and adjust to changes. We are under big influence of information technology’s dynamic development. They change our ways of cooperation, personal development and careers’ building. They affect our work, education, resting. They become important tool supporting communication and learning.

So why we opened WikiAkademia educational platform for everybody who is eager to develop and make positive change in his life.

  • If you are individual client we can offer you on-line courses and share our knowledge and experience by writing essays, proposing interesting books, films, reseach, elaborations. They available in Polish language.
  • If you represent organization we can elaborate for you dedicated training courses, customised to your needs, rent space on the platform for running your courses with our technical support, implement e-learning system with full configuration, support and help-desk and moderators’ training.
  • If you are trainer you can run your own course or cooperate with us creating joint projects. Please contact us on e-mail: or telephone: +48 502 735 350.