Bajka dla zerowczaka1The project ‘Fairy tale for a pre-schooler’ is a project which has been run in our school for 6 years and its main objective is to facilitate the relationship between 6-year-old pupils and junior high school students. On the premises pre-school classes share the hallways with teenagers, therefore the occasional ‘encounters’ between them remain unavoidable. Not surprisingly, the newly admitted pupils usually find the presence of the ‘massive’ youngsters rather intimidating and introducing this project has greatly improved the way the small children perceive the teenagers.

Through carrying out the project we (the teachers) are able to achieve several other educational aims which belong to non-formal education because in the course of action our students, who volunteered for the for the project, develop quite a few life skills.

Timing: 4 formal meetings with a teacher. Each meeting should last between 45 and 60 minuts.

Main objective: To ‘soften’ the image of a teenager among pre-schoolers and to raise students’ consciousness as well as friendly attitude towards small children.

Literacy aims

  1. Students will develop the ability to write a script based on a fairy tale.
  2. Students will practice their language skills by adapting the text for the six-year-old children.

Educational aims

  1. Students will develop the ability to cooperate (teamwork is a crucial part of this project).
  2. Students will develop the awareness and understanding of the needs of younger pupils.
  3. As a part of the team, students will practice negotiating and methods of effective communication.
  4. Students will practice their management skills (setting the goals, meeting deadlines, achieving the goals.
  5. Students will master their communicative skills by discussing issues raised by a fairy tale.

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